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tikistatueThis article was originally written to those who have trained themselves in VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing. Thus it has some technical language that can be unfamiliar. However, the story will still give a good idea what can be done to help improve our environment through individual efforts. In Vortex, we call such activity Earthworks.


This spring, I made a couple of trips creating divine funnel-doors and angelic divine doors in all major cities of southern Finland. During my first trip, I had my Ultimate Vortex Wingman from Finland with me, Mikko. It was very interesting what Merlin did to us to make us able to detect things and areas that needed clearing. It's as if we became radars for such activity and used the signals we felt in our bodies to arrive at those locations. It was very interesting.

So, last Tuesday, we went for another trip. It took us up to northern Finland for six days to cover the rest of the country. Just a few hours prior to our departure, Anthony sent an email about the recent transmission upgrade. Everything was going great.

The first two cities were a breeze. But by the time we hit our third location, I hit a total wall. Some 30 miles before we got there, I had already mentioned to Mikko that there was something very strong going on here - and then, to my great surprise, I lost a conscious sense of it.

Later that evening, a funnel-door just wouldn't open up. After an hour of integration, it was still closed and far from opening. Totally mystified, I stopped what I was doing. It was the first time I gave up in a healing.

Next morning, it became clear this trip was going to be much more than about making funnels. We were feeling this really heavy, all-pervasive/intrusive presence that turned out to be a poltergeist. It was what I first detected tens of miles away. It was so clever that it got in the middle of everything we experienced as live - it was coloring our thoughts and actions without us being able to do anything about it. It also seriously hampered our ability to use our energy tools as we couldn't even clear our breakfast with Vortex.

The same happened when I went after it. My best tools could do very little to it even though someone else had taken care of poltergeists a couple of years ago with less tools than what I had now - so maybe it was just me. But even when I tried to wake it up with mantra and consciousness, it covered my brain in total blackness. That's when I really knew this thing was for real.

Then a thought about using Pure Magic came to mind, so I gave it a shot. It worked like a charm, and was quick too. But then Mikko, who was doing gridwork, alerted me to a portal that kept feeding the area with all kinds of creatures, and those kept interfering with the process. I used PM to close it and it took about one minute. Then went back to finish the poltergeist and it was done in maybe five minutes. (I came back to it later too as I found out that I needed to clear the leftover debris from it.)

It turned out that the poltergeist was situated alongside our eastern border where massive, pivotal battles against Russians took place during the second world war. And the poltergeist was absolutely huge, affecting more than 200 miles, and was also supported by/connected with a portal. Yet it took very little time to clear it with PM as it had absolutely no way of fighting Mystery. The trick was to channel PM simultaneously from every point where the poltergeist existed, however, based on what I'm getting from Merlin, it takes Chapter 8 or higher to do it (I had nine at the time of writing this, currently 10).

Once all this was done, the doors opened like a charm. Yet as we continued our journey from one town to another, there were certain challenges that kept repeating. It turned out that "those" that really didn't like the doors to be made did what they could to interfere with the process. It wasn't that they were scaring us or attacking us physically; they were more of a constant nuisance and obstacle. So it became crucial to clear the whole area from portals, energies, ghosts, entities and other creatures that were hanging around. Mikko had this really neat tool from Alefs (a "tribe" existing somewhere in the universe) that reeled them in from everywhere very quickly. Later I learned that PM could do the same in just a couple of minutes.

The trip continued. At some point we came to a little town in north Lapland that gave us one of our biggest challenges. I could not believe how hard it was to open the doors there. It was so hard that it brought up negative feelings about myself and created uncertainty about if I was doing everything right. On the positive side, having already made many doors, I knew it was necessary to just keep clearing what was coming in the way. These things came in layers, each revealing details about why they were in place. After each layer, the door could get integrated a bit more. Then, I had to go back clearing the place. But here, in this little town, in addition to a truckload of entities and other creatures that you could really feel being everywhere around us, we had another poltergeist, two portals, a curse, a "super thing" (for a lack of a better word) that needed to be cleared and woken up, and what appeared to be an energetic pact between two countries we fought against in WWII.

The nasty thing about these obstacles was that they were so well disguised that there's just no way a "regular Joe" could detect, not to mention clear them. They would also emerge even after a door or two were already made in the area. Like with the "super thing", whose presence became apparent after a bunch of other stuff had been cleared first, it was the one that was the most disguised - yet it was the "super thing" that was effecting the region the most. But even that wasn't was clear until I looked deeper into its true nature which was hidden by several layers of camouflage. (The "thing" would actually have diminished the effect of the funnel-door already opened. You can only imagine how much it had been affecting the people living in the area.)

From here, we continued for a day without much happening. We came across one poltergeist but it was so small it was actually kind of cute. If the first one was a 10 on a 0-10 scale, this one was like a 0.2. Then, at the end of day five, we were given our next "bonus" - which is what we called these "extra credit thingies" Merlin kept throwing at us once a day.

The following happened in an area that was heavily influenced by a religious order part of Christianity. Again, Merlin was making it clear that it's one thing to make the doors and another to clear what's affecting the area the most. Here, there was a consciousness structure that needed to be both cleared and woken up. There was also a realm that needed to be broken down. The nature of the structure was such that it hooked people energetically into a "ring" that they had no way of unhooking from. This resulted in a very low-energy state in the area - almost like a state of apathy - where everything was flat as a pancake. The dynamic was such that it made it very difficult for people to detect problems even if they sensed something was wrong. It hampered the effectiveness of their actions so that the energy behind the attempts to change their lives would dissipate, leaving people feel powerless about themselves. This religious branch had also another thing going on in our next city. There, the structure was about religion and power and made it more difficult for people to experience pure spirituality.

But before we cleared that one out, something else emerged. It was our last day of the trip and we were driving on a highway. Suddenly, Mikko noticed an old industrial building occupied by the Hells Angels motorcycle gang (there was a big logo and everything). Intrigued, we turned around and found our way to it. We parked our car outside the lot, in a place where you couldn't really see their building. There was nothing but empty space around us and nobody was around.

As I was doing an overall clearing of the building, I detected something "different". I kept going at it with Pure Magic but could tell it wasn't really doing what it would have done with our "normal" targets. I kept at it anyway and was growing curious about what I was dealing with. Then, without any warning, something hit the car with a loud, great force - as if someone hit it with a baseball bat. Our eyes flew wide open and heads spun like gangbusters as we were looking around where the attacker was - just to find that there was nobody around. Realizing it was something energetic that did it, we started the car and drove away. After about one block, I stopped the car. As I stepped outside to see the damage, I was already thankful for no windows getting broken. But I was even more stunned to find there was absolutely no marks on it anywhere yet anything that'd hit a car that hard should at least make a dent.

As I sat behind the wheel again, I got kinda sad and disappointed. I told Mikko I'd really hate to leave it at that. Instantly he said that we're not going anywhere. I was so happy! We found a place maybe 300 yards from the building and went back to work.

It turned out that there was a demon in the building. The problem was that I didn't know how to deal with it and I had already hit it with my best tools with poor results. Fortunately, my Ultimate Vortex Wingman knew! Armed with the info and holding pictures of Amma and Mother Meera, it was time to get in the battle. I was certainly careful and tentative but after I got it from Merlin that we were ready, we went for it with all guns blazing.

First, I created more structures for protection (I included the car too :-) Then I made a structure that kept the demon in place, a structure that disconnected it from whatever it was connected to (the building), and a structure to take it back to where it came from. And finally, I channeled both Merlin's Grace and Pure Magic to shoot an intense bullet of light into the person who had brought in the demon so that he'll lose his ability to use his skills in a negative way. It also closed the portal through which it came. I'd say this last step is critical one as a person who has the ability to bring in a demon (supposedly they need to be brought in by someone) would certainly have the skills to detect who it was that was messing with his demon and having to deal with him wouldn't be pretty.

Anyway, I must say that I was skeptical that removing a demon could be this easy. Yet it was. The whole thing took less than five minutes. I was impressed - and we didn't take any more damage!

As I was making the doors at our last location for this trip, the process stalled again despite having cleared a poltergeist, closed a portal, broken down a realm, and cleared the entities et.al. That's when I started to wonder why Merlin had me download nine chapters from Pure Magic because from all I could tell, so far we had done stuff that could be done with the 8th.

So I asked Merlin to give me something to work on that could be cleared with the 9th chapter only. Immediately, I picked on something that first needed clearing. But that only took me so far. It became clear that whatever it was I was dealing with, it needed to be awakened as well and it looks like the 9th chapter provided the bridging needed for it. Since Mikko was around, I invited him to join me to see how it's done (I had created a groupfield earlier so that he could sense better what was going on). But as the process started, I silently asked Merlin to work on Mikko's Core Veil as well.

When the "thing" had been woken up with the Merlin Mantra, I turned to Mikko to ask about his experience. He said it had affected him too...and that he had also made a silent wish that it'd affect his Core Veil. That's when we decided to go after his veil directly. The process was amazing, ranging from the mantra being in every spot where the veil existed to all of that becoming just one big mantra that had nothing but Merlin in it. Then, similar to the prior experience with awakening the "thing" just a few minutes earlier, I sensed his core veil being ready to go. It moved in less that a minute and Mikko experienced what's called a Basic Awakening in Vortex. What an amazing day.

I know this has been a long letter and have probably lost a bunch of you already. But reflecting back, a couple of things are worth mentioning. The fact that all these "things" exist in our environment can't be emphasized enough. They're affecting all of us in innumerable ways - and have been doing so for decades and centuries. I can't even imagine what it must have been like to live in those locations where poltergeists were running rampant, not to mention the other things. What strikes me the most is their deviousness - from all I can tell, I've been totally oblivious about their existence. I can only wonder how much they've been affecting my life and well-being.

But while poltergeists are more of a result of intense emotional charges, such as battles of war, taking up their own life (a bit like a karmic body ghost is a result of emotional intensity of a person taking a life on its own) and are thus easier to have sympathy for, it's the demons and certain types of consciousness structures that caught my attention here the most. They work deviously and ruthlessly to fulfill peoples' personal, egoic agendas and have a lot of power. It's no wonder people can have trouble changing their lives.

But not only that. While these things make their victims powerless, they are the source of power for the ones with the agenda. Take Hells Angels, for example. Now I understand why they are so reckless and destructive: they are empowered by the demons (there are many feeding it). From all I can tell, the mechanic is similar to how Merlin empowers this divine lineage of VortexHealing®, except that with Hells Angels it's a demonic one (I don't know if they could be called a lineage although beings with power are certainly an intimate part of such structure). Anyway, in their mind, they are the toughest thing in the world and nobody better mess with them, because if you do, they're gonna kick your sorry ass to orbit the moon - after all, they have an ace up in their sleeve that makes them invincible - and they use it without any mercy to scare the living daylights out of you.

Fortunately, they are not invincible, nor is any gang or group that has these things backing them up. And that's where you can come into the picture. You can do these things at a distance and take away the power they are feeding up on. Imagine Vortex without Merlin. Something similar happens when you take a demon out of a structure that feeds power to it.

Go for it.


skulsignI've become aware of something I thought was important enough to pass on to you, so here we go....

You know, sometimes it's very easy to see why some people struggle with their lives. Often, those people went through some horrific stuff, like rape, torture, extreme molestation, severe physical violence, life-threatening disease, severe psychological trauma, loss of parent(s) at an early age, etc. So it's no surprise that those experiences have left their mark - and it's understandable if it's difficult to leave such a history behind.

But then there are the "regular guys" who didn't appear to go through anything "special". Yet they're also struggling. They struggle to find their place, get their ends meet, have deep and meaningful relationships, work in a profession that's dear to their heart, or just to turn a new chapter in life. They are people who often wonder what happened to them...what went wrong, why they weren't able to tap deeper into who they are...why they are such a failure....and why things don't change for the better despite trying so hard.

I was one of those regular guys. Nothing happened to me that was so bad that it would warrant the type of a struggle I had for 20 years.

Well, that's what I thought.

It wasn't until I learned about "Black Hole Issues" (via VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing) that I really got in touch with THE issue that created THE underlying pattern behind ALL of my issues. It was SUCH a simple and innocent thing - and a totally harmless-looking angle to my issues - that it went totally under the radar for all these years - even to those who gave me healings during that time.

But it wasn't a small issue. It was so big and so important that it made me sacrifice my truth in hopes to get what I was missing the most. As a consequence, I created patterns where I lied to myself about what's truly going on. It made me not speak my mind, stand my ground, or defend myself. I lost my boundaries. But maybe most importantly, it created a situation where I ended up doing what I didn't want to do. It also made me not do what I wanted to. This went on for DECADES in all areas of my life. Not a pretty sight.

All these things were going on without me truly knowing the reason for it. I mean, I can pinpoint the exact time when my life - in a little boy's mind - went from heaven to hell, but because of how everything happened and how I "apparently" survived and recovered, I misunderstood how I really felt inside and how deeply it hurt me.

I'm sharing this with you because you might have the same experience ... that despite MUCH healing, therapy, and good intentions, you still find yourself stuck in a deep pattern that just won't go away. Maybe there's something that you've misunderstood. Or, maybe you've nailed it in the head but haven't found a way to get to the very bottom of it.

So, if anything, I'd certainly prefer you don't end up wasting years in your life (like I did) addressing the wrong issues simply because the real one is so well hidden in the details. Or that you end up living with it because you haven't found tools that can make a big difference for real. Or that you end up living a life that doesn't reflect who you are.

So, to help you out, I'm offering you this: If you'd like to know if you have a black hole issue, I'll check it out for you for free (about 1/3 of people have one). All you need to do is to email me at: info  @  healerlink.com (remove the spaces around @ symbol when sending me an email). Please include your full name in your email.

If you'd like to read more about black hole issues, you can find a short article here.

If one of the most respected financial newspapers - The Wall Street Journal - publish an article on the latest development in cognitive therapy, it must be worth to read. And it is, as it gives tips on how to create a new response to arising fears and self-manage them effectively when needed. In essence, the new response is about creating distance and observing your fears, judgments, and negative feelings through the practice of non-judgment. This involves "mindfulness" which gets you to "to recognize that these critical thoughts are really stories you have created about yourself."

According to Zindel V. Segal, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto who was interviewed for this article and who devised Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy to help depressed patients, "if you can get some distance from them [negative thoughts], you can see that there are choices about how to respond."

His recently published study (in the Archives of General Psychiatry) found that using mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to treat 160 patients with major depression was as effective as anti-depressants against preventing relapses of depression. Dozens of randomized-controlled trials in the past decade have shown that it can be effective in managing depression, panic disorders, social phobias, sleep problems and even borderline personality disorder.

But it's interesting that the article talks about "the Voice", the "inner child", and that the negative thoughts we have "are not necessarily true, but they can have self-fulfilling consequences". In mindfulness, you acknowledge all of them without judgment as to diffuse their power and to generate a new, constructive response to them.

In Multi-Dimensional VortexHealing® Therapy, we take them out. We find that "the Voice" is a creation in consciousness that belongs to various "inner children" that exist within our issues and make them alive. The reason why they're called a child is because that's usually where we regress in time when dealing with our deepest issues. As this regression happens, we come in contact with consciousness that got stuck to a particular time period in our history (child), so it feels like there's a child living within us. But if we look at this carefully, we'll find that the child is different when dealing with different issues and is of different age too, simply because the issues happened to us at a different age. Thus we'll hear a different voice and experience different thoughts, feelings, and even physical sensations.

It's true that mindfulness will help cope with these inner experiences because it helps us create distance to the problem. But that's only part of what's happening. The other part is in doing so (creating the distance) we are getting closer to living the fact that we are not our issues. We are not the inner child, the wounded person, this issue, or that illness. Yet, when our consciousness is stuck at that level, it's very easy to believe that's the case. That's why it's so hard to heal our issues.

So when we go after these issues with Multi-Dimensional VortexHealing®, we go ahead and wake up the illusion that keeps us stuck in those places. We also remove the conditioning from the body within which the consciousness was imprisoned. These are the places that are affected by the issue, such as organs, chakras, and other specific parts of your body, such as your heart, chest, neck, back, shoulders, stomach, etc. Aside from the disappearance of your different specific negative thoughts, action patterns, and painful bodily symptoms related to the issue, you'll find that the inner child or the voice you heard will be gone. It means that the person you thought you were is no longer trapped in the details of the issue. You'll also find that there's no one within you that has that issue any more. You'll be able to live a life without the issue and the new-born freedom that comes with it.

Sometimes it's very difficult to make sense out of VortexHealing® Therapy as people get confused about all its different levels. In fact, most of them couldn't care less about the details involved.

All and all, it seems like a huge downside that it's so complicated. Back in 1994 when Ric Weinman discovered it, there was only one class: Basic. But as life went on, he discovered all these different issues and physical problems within himself that his current tools had no cure for. So he had to find ways to tweak the tools so that they became effective again. But often the upgrades turned out to be so large that he was forced to create a separate course for it.

17 years and over 30 courses later, he's still discovering conditioning. This is driven some of the students crazy. In the beginning, everyone had the impression that the latest course "would be it!" - the final course after which everything would be complete. Today, they know better. Yet there are some who blame Vortex for it's complexity although it's really LIFE that's complex - the Vortex tools are only tailored to match that complexity. And that really makes sense. Our lives ARE complex. So are our issues. We need tools that can clear the stuff at all levels. Otherwise, what's the point?

When I first started Vortex, having so many courses to take didn't bother me the least. The first time I saw the website, something in me knew I'd go all the way. But for others, that might not mean anything.

What it meant for me was that each level would give me access to tools that were effective at a more fundamental level of creation as they hold more power and energy. With those, I could do more damage to my issues and those of my clients. And it also meant that should I skip a course, I'd be slowing down that process by two years as that the cycle the upper-tier courses are run - and that I wouldn't be able to heal the conditioning that exists at those deeper levels.

So, how deep is this conditioning really? Well, I was shocked to notice that despite having over 10 years of really top-notch tools, techniques, and know-how under my belt, they couldn't do what just the Basic VortexHealing does. Imagine that. So, even though the first course is called "Basic", it's that only in relation to Vortex.

So when we look at the fact that all of our healers have the highest available certification in VortexHealing (Multi-Dimensional Jewel), it means that YOU will always be getting the deepest, most powerful, and most thorough releases possible. That'll make the biggest changes possible for you.

elephantwizFor the past two weeks, I have been taking the new Multi-Dimensional Jewel on a serious test drive and I must say I am deeply impressed.

You might say I am completely biased to say so, but after having spent 15 years in holistic healing, stress management, and self-development, I have never seen anything even remotely like Multi-D - and I am excited about what it can do for you.

The best description I can give you is a quote from a client who was facing an extreme situation with an deep fear of hers.

She said: "I noticed a lot more clarity in the system, like the body/system was more of a clear glass flute in relation to the fear."

Multi-D does exactly that: it cleans up the human body and consciousness so deeply and thoroughly that it will be very difficult to find anything from the issue that you could hold on to.

To make things even more exciting, as you receive a healing for an issue, Multi-D works with the DNA and removes the issue-related junk that has been passed onto you through your ancestors!

I cannot emphasize enough how important this part is to your healing. It has created some MAJOR releases in my system.

The most frustrating fact about the ancestoral stuff, such as their beliefs, patterns, and worse, is that it's THEIR stuff, not yours - you just inherited it and became identified with it by plugging into the bloodline. The other is that the stuff sits so deeply in the system that nothing has been able to touch it.

But now, the situation is wayyyy different. Because of Multi-D, we can now release up to 97% of emotional and ancestoral issues, which is truly excellent. (The last 3% is like a vague memory compared to what an issue is at 100%.)

Because this work goes so deep - to the very edge of creation, actually - and because it is so thorough, you could not recreate the issue the same away even if you wanted to.

In some ways, it's quite literally like removing a stone from a shoe. Once it's gone, it's gone, and freedom and all kinds of possibilities enter in one's life.

The "downside" of this work is that it will generally require four sessions to create such change. (That's still pretty darn good, considering that it has taken eons to accumulate this stuff into your system.)

You can still subscribe to just 1 healing, and we have a systematic way to make the issue beg for mercy. But, if you have a chance to go for four sessions, that's what we'd recommend.

The first three sessions are dedicated to releasing and clearing a looooong list of different types of karmic and divine structures, hooks, entanglements, and so on. The sessions will cover all dimensions (up to 10th) and work on your cellular, molecular, and organ consciousness as well. It also affects all organs, chakras, and body systems impacted by the issue.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, the work will awaken and clear the I-consciousness* within all consciousness and vital webbing that relates to your issue - and it does so in all dimensions.

* I-consciousness = the inner separateness, which is the very reason for the existence of any issue.

Waking and clearing it all up creates two things: inner freedom and freedom from the issue.

Then, the fourth session is done to catch up and integrate your system and your life - and that alone feels like a deep healing itself. (This is no joke; there are 18 steps for just catching up the system.)

So, if you are thinking that it'd be great to finally say goodbye to an old issue of yours, now is the time. Start with the one that bothers you the most (usually, people have 4-5 major issues). If you have difficulty choosing the topic, you may discuss it with your healer or utilize the list below:

Grief (deep sadness) over loss, control, abandonment, trust/betrayal, fear (of something specific), procrastination/resistance, entrapment, existential terror, responsibility (avoiding), victimhood, etc.

Because the issue exists within the human energy system, it attracts similar energy, leading to more similar issues. Often, the issues get mirrored in our relationships which then end up carrying a common theme (an experience of a someone who'll always be abandoned, betrayed, controlled, victimized, etc.).

But, with Multi-D (which all HealerLink healers have), we finally have a chance to do deep enough of a release to cause serious damage to the issue and the overall story (of you and the ancestors) so that true freedom and change can finally result.

To help you get started, we have made a special deal for you: the 4-session package is now only $399 (instead of $460). You can take the sessions back to back (one each day), and you'll be living a totally different reality within just few days!

You can schedule your first appointment by following the link below (you'll schedule sessions 2-4 directly with me or the other healers - please call at 1-505-559-4475 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should you have any questions):


Let's get the party started!

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