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On this page, our clients share their experiences with our long-distance group healings.

Elizabeth Isaacs

I was nicely surprised at how deep and affective it was at a distance. I have had one to one distant healings (vortex) before, but this felt much more stronger for some reason.

I did have the chance to lie down and I did gain some clarity about the issues I wanted to work on or was currently working on... somehow I could see links between this set of issues I hadn't seen before and during the healing something very core to them in keeping them all active released and I did feel very different in a good way after. It was easier being here. I also felt very grounded and integrated. I have had a lot of problems with my jaw/muscles of my face and was astounded at how much the healing helped it in the days after it!

I'm so glad that there are some healers offering this... I was very ill a few years ago and would have loved it if this was available then.

So, all in all, it felt as affective as having a one on one in person, for me! I'd love to try it again if possible!


I began at 11:00 thinking that I would be unable to really get into it because of my busy morning and the anticipation of being ready for a client at noon.

I did settle in nicely and had the intention of receiving healing for my ankles, particularly my left one, which have been painful especially in the gym while using the treadmill.

It wasn't long before I settled in and felt some sensations on each foot at separate times.  I also felt a very strong energetic surge from my right foot all the way up the right side of my body.

There were a few other sensations which at the moment I can't recall . . . oh yes, at one time I put my hands on my abdominal area and my entire body heated up.  I imagine that it was the energy you were sending and since I use my hands for healing work, they "automatically" kicked in.

When I sat up, which was more quickly than I really wanted to, I got spots in my vision.  They didn't last long . . . thank goodness.  I was very relaxed but was able to begin work with my client at noon.

I must report that my ankles have not hurt since.  That is a true miracle for my left ankle.

Zoe Kivio

Thank you so much for the healing. Great stuff.

I had thought maybe I wouldn't be able to feel this one -- since it was a group healing and so big -- so I decided to take a shower and eat breakfast during most of the healing.

Boy was I wrong. I started to feel it big time right from the beginning and I had to lie down.

The whole rest of the afternoon was amazing. I felt so steeped in Oneness that I could hardly move. It was very powerful. It was like being in the middle of a huge bowl of pudding, immovable, rendered simply as Fullness. What an amazing experience.

Darlene Gauer

THUMBS UP to TIMO AND the ENTIRE GROUP! I did receive a surprise gift - one I was not thinking of.

When I took my evening swim on Saturday, my previously injured shoulder allowed my arm to go STRAIGHT for the backstroke and STRAIGHT for the sidestroke for the first time since the skiing accident in 1997 which broke my shoulder in 3 places with one bone in the arm dislocated about 1/3 of an inch. As painful as childbirth!

A couple of days later, I was able to add the inverted breaststroke - in correct form - both arms straight out and then down! Woo! Hoo!

Before Saturday, it was too painful to swim a proper back and sidestroke, not to mention the inverted breaststroke. Swimming is my main exercise since my feet are always in pain. In short, many thanks to the entire group.

Nick Miceli

Before the healing I went through a process to determine what issue to focus on. I was confused and I thought I might take your suggestion to let the universal mind direct the energy for me.

The day before the healing an answer started to come to me. The issue that kept repeating itself in my mind did in fact have to do with the true expression of my Self. If that was a common theme that the healers reported [after the healing], I must have been connected to the group mind.

During the healing I took a suggestion from the person who recommended it to me, and I planned to lay down for the duration. What happened was I became very energetic to the point that I couldn't continue to do that. Instead I did stretching exercises like warm up stretches before a workout. That calmed me down a lot and I was able to lie down and relax for the last part of the healing.

Over the next couple of days, I didn't notice dramatic changes but I felt more confident in all of my interactions with people. Some of my friends were in an agitated state and I was able to stay with them and stay calm, which helped to ground them.

Today that calmness really showed itself to me. I did volunteer work that involved climbing a tall ladder. Usually my fear of heights distracts me a lot when I work on a ladder and it did today for a while. But I got so attentive to the work I was doing the phobia went away. It was like I forgot I was phobic. It was quite a breakthrough.

All these outcomes were unexpected. They tell me I did deep healing and I am on the right track with my process.

Frances Carlton

I want to thank you for the great work you did for me, it was a beautiful gift from you to me and my husband. It was my second experience but first time with your group. I was amazing and powerful, and I felt things happening in my body and soul.

I let my body do its thing throughout the healing process. My issue was to get rid of dystonia (cervical dystonia) forever. My neck moved from right to left for a while, making all kinds of movements. After that, even my mouth opened wide, like I was letting go of something. Then came peace: no more movements in my neck.

I was great; I was open to receive the healing and it worked. I felt very strong ( mentally, physically ) in every way for the rest of the day and yesterday and I am feeling better and better in every way and everyday.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you all!

Casey Campbell

Thank you very much for this wonderful offer of another free treatment!  I've been wanting to write to give you some feedback on the last one, but I ended up leaving for a retreat a few hours afterward.  This was an amazing way to lead in to that and I can't thank all of you enough.

At about 11:55 I went to lie down on my bed.  After a few minutes of resting I thought about my issue and then let it go.  What I loved was that I could feel when the energy work was getting started and I could also feel as the energy moved around my body in different ways.  Certain shifts were taking place in a literal way as well, as I noticed my body shifting sideways at a few points.  Also, I spontaneously bent forward [in a gentle way] and then just went back to reclining just out of the blue.

One thing that really surprised me though, and I'm not even sure how this is going to sound, but this is definitely the impression I had - is that I stopped breathing about half way through the session.  I'm sure it was just for an instant, and it was just when I probably realized that I wasn't breathing that I started to gasp a little.  [Perhaps it was just that the breathing was so slow that it felt like it had stopped?] Either way it felt a bit
difficult to get the rhythm back at first but it didn't take long.

I felt a lot of tingling throughout, and a lot of warmth [especially in my feet - which is nice because my feet are always cold!].  And when it was nearing the end I could definitely sense that things were winding down.  When I opened my eyes and looked at the clock it was 12.47.  It felt that things were complete and I felt perfectly serene :)

All in all, the treatment was such an incredible experience for me and I'm sure it was the same for the rest of the group.  I have done a fair amount of energy work but mostly this has been in person, by teleconference, or through the computer.  It really did seem like such a magical experience to know that all that was needed was my name, and for me to think of the issue, in order for all of this to happen.

PS.  Afterward the best way I could describe how I was feeling is how this song sounds :)

Beth Bourne

The first thing I felt was 2 hands on my feet helping to ground and settle me. A few moments later I could see a huge undulating multicolor wavelength frequency being projected at me coming from the direction of my feet but from a yard away. The wavelength frequency was huge and encompassed me. I've never seen anything like that before so I thought it was really interesting. Then I fell asleep for the remainder of the session.

As far as how I have been feeling after the sessions, I think I have a lot more energy to accomplish tasks I normally put off. My thinking is much clearer and I can see what the answer is to an issue and easily come up with alternate plans if one doesn't work out. I am much more focused on what I want and feeling much more hopeful about the future than I have felt in a long time.

Even though I know form follows thought it is not always an easy thing to do if you are not happy with your life situation and I have not been happy with my life in a long time. I love being alive but have been happily sitting on the sidelines not really participating in life for countless years but now I am better able to get up and get moving in a direction instead of just sitting.

I am one of those people who takes work very seriously and it ends up consuming my life. Most of my jobs have been low paying yet have a heavy workload and I allow them to take over my life. I really need big improvements in so many aspects of my life. But I now don't feel as overwhelmed with tackling these aspects that need to change and am beginning to feel like I have the power with the help of the universe to get to where I need to go.

Thank you so much for these sessions. I appreciate them from the bottom of my heart.

Josette Serguier

Thank you very much for the healing. I felt the energy in all my body. I felt the work on my knees and all the bones of my face were moving.

15 minutes after the healing started, I could see the energy (round shapes) coming out of my body and going to work and help. I am a healer myself, I work on restructuring chakras. So I decided to stop sending energy and receive all I need, and then I started to work on myself with the help of my own guidance and all the healers you provided.

Thank you very very much. That was so good and I was so relaxed I stayed on my healing table one full hour.

Terry Swan

So, I'm not exactly sure what you would like to know, but the process was very interesting and great for me.   What it felt like for awhile at the beginning was that things were coming in to balance somehow and that my vibrational energies were being aligned and perhaps raised.   I realize that my big issues of life at this time are emotional ones and that I just kind of contract all over......so what I felt or was interpreting about it anyway was of being balanced out and this reflected in a lot of sensation of vibration and pulsing for quite awhile (although when I looked at my watch first after what had seemed like a long time, it was just 10 minutes!) and the result of this was of being able to move a little beyond the emotional "trench" I've been in in to a little more clarity of perspective.  This, even though it's almost a by-product of just being able to have a little more space in self with a consequential ability to have a little more awareness that goes beyond all the "little" things.

The next thing that was a bit remarkable though and for me a little disturbing was that, at some point (probably about 25-30 minutes or so in), when I actually felt to be in rather a resting place, it became very apparent that it was like my third eye up to my crown chakra kind of "lit up."  It was nice. 

And after this as I just kept breathing, I began also to feel like I was beginning to "lose it."  I felt like I was kind of in those pre-sleep hypnagogic states where all these images and stories and scenes flash by....except that I wasn't really sleepy.  I became a bit confused and even had this odd meandering thought as to what alzheimers might be like!!!!   I would open my eyes to orient myself and then decide to go back to breathing, but it was almost like I was in some channel and all these people and scenes and stories and images were just moving through me at some acceleration. There was no logic to it....just images, sensations of color and places, some of being like a witness to people's emotions.....as everything just kind of "cascaded" by. 

I would like to have some feedback on this because I kept trying to structure my thoughts or images and then I kept thinking I should just "let go into them" and keep breathing, but I couldn't really do any of those things.  I just felt like I was "zoning" out....What do I do in a case like this?  And what do you think might have been happening?  (Like I'm so unused to my crown and third eye being  open that I don't quite know how to handle it?   Well...could be!!!!)

Finally, after around 45 minutes, I really had to get up and go to the bathroom, which I did, kind of thinking the session was over as well.  So I went to the bathroom, but began to feel really ill and went back up to the meditation room where I was doing this process.    The problem was that I felt extremely sick to my stomach, which is actually quite common for me.  So I just laid back down and went back to breathing.  I think this is when my own lesson came most directly --- was that I am actually afraid to be completely in my body and so I tend to truncate somewhere around my stomach region.   When I laid back down again and began to breathe once more, what I felt was fear......but it was this fear like (not rational I know, so bear with me) I've been "out" for so long trying to take care of people and situations and ...oh...whatever....and which, of course, have not been very successful, that I feel sick when I come in ...a fear....like my own body is scared and rejecting....In some ways, I think it's easier for me to not be fully in my body because coming in to it is scary and has too much pain that I don't "believe" I can handle (and I mean mostly emotional), but then of course.....the realization that it's simply a feedback loop....

After all, if you can't be fully in your body, you'll feel more pain.....(that part hasn't sunk in yet....for me it's that I can't be fully in my body because it will be painful in some way). Still a "mistake of intellect."    Understanding that this is the work. 

Thank you.   So, how much will you charge for sessions such as this?  And I think 45 minutes or so is a good time.   What I realized, as well, which I had never thought of before, is that actually distance sessions such as this make me more responsible for knowing and feeling completely what's going on with me....and trusting it....with no immediate feedback available from an outside person.  I have to trust myself.

Finally, I would like to know what you experienced.  I know it was a group session and don't know whether that is usual for you or not.  But I'd like to know.....Do you just connect in to the group and then just channel the energy and then whoever is part of it connects as they need to?  Are you aware of individuals?  And what do you experience later and do you have your own methods for working through what comes up that you might have absorbed that tap into your own issues or how do you "protect" yourself during these sessions?   I would like to know....first because I am always interested in areas of healing, but also because in the work that I do, I need to understand these things at ever deeper levels despite that my own work is cloaked in the classroom college teaching of sociology and psychology...=).

Suzette Kowalski

My experience with the healing was like a meditation on speed :) It's hard to explain really.  I felt very relaxed, but it felt as though my mind kind of split in two.  There was one part that was very quiet and aware, while the other part was just everywhere.  There were different pictures, events, desires, etc., all floating through.  At one point I could see like a small river or stream flowing, but it was very slow.  After the healing I kept feeling like something was about to happen, something exciting I seemed to be expecting, and that lasted until Monday evening.

Shelli Kozachenko

I definitely felt things.  First I felt like part of my brain kind of popped up into the clouds and was receiving instructions I couldn't hear - I don't know how else to describe it.  Next I felt like a heavy blanket, sort of like an x-ray shield blanket, was laid over my thighs - warm and cozy.  Then it was a combination of meditation and hypnosis - deeper than meditation and lighter than hypnosis, but definitely pleasant.  All of a sudden, after about 25 minutes, I bounded off the bed and a split second later my brain said, "Okay.  You're done now," so I figured it was over - so if it was 45 minutes long, I guess my last 20 minutes of healing happened when I was up and moving unless you all were done with me after 25.

I've started allowing in more financial abundance over the last few months and I was asking for the allowing of greater amounts of financial abundance - obviously since this isn't a specific ache or pain, it may take longer to see the manifestation resulting from any change.  There is one change I'm definitely noticing though.  I am a very joyful and happy person already, but often throughout a normal day I'm hanging around in mellow contentment.  The last couple days, yesterday and today especially, I find that my underlying feeling is one of a happy, humming joy - definitely a higher, faster vibration than usual - even at times when people around me are acting grumpy or difficult.  I absolutely love it!  I hope this sticks around because there's nothing better than feeling great and joyful all day long no matter what is happening around you!

Merja Immonen

It was really exciting to try out long-distance energy healing. I wouldn't have believed it works, but I had the following experience:

I was very relaxed a bit before 6 pm Swedish time and at first couldn't feel anything else except that I was feeling relaxed. I looked at the watch and at about 6:20 pm things started to happen. I had my eyes closed and all of a sudden a lila-colored light emerged. It moved around and then became whitish. My body started to move by itself as if electrical waves had gone through it. I was shaking and it felt like I was almost raised above the bed a little. It was a good, warm feeling.

After a while, it calmed down, and I felt pain in my right elbow which I had not felt during this yet. (I've had quite a bit of pain in my elbow for quite a while, especially lately, due to cleaning and carrying things around.)

Then, the pain left and my elbow is in much better shape now. A really neat experience. Thank you very much.

Beth Bourne

I could feel the particular part of my body that you were working on at the time. It started in my stomach (a lot of deep gurgling) Gerda had always said that was  good. Then I felt like my pelvis area was being focused on and I know I became more grounded as I felt I was sinking deeper into the bed. Later I could feel my heart being worked on and green and golden sparkling lights were flowing around my heart. I always see things like color in my head. Then the work moved up to my throat and there were beautiful blue lights coming from that area. I think it was a combination of the energy entering and being accepted and opening the areas up.

I know at the end of the healing I heard a man's voice saying " you are a beautiful child of god".

I felt very relaxed after the healing and at peace. I have some major decision I have to make regarding my living situation and my work and that was one reason for my visit down here. After the healing I felt much more at peace which is important as I want to make rational not emotionally based decisions.

I am very greatful for the healing as I haven't been able to afford a formal healing session in a few years now. I know Gerda works on me all the time and I can never repay her for her years of attention, love and friendship.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Tracy Fulton

I don't know how long I was supposed to be in a receiving mode, but there were many things that took place this morning.

First, ever since I first heard from you about this, I have thought that the time was great for my daughter.  She is (still) having issues with living and I thought this would be perfect for her.  Until a half hour before the healing.

Then, my mom sent an email a couple of days ago, and thanked me for helping her have such a wonderful life ... she listed all the blessings I've provided for her and then said, "so if you will just heal my knees, all would be well."  So this morning that thought kept coming to me that I needed to do this for my mom and that trying to help my daughter was a "crap-shoot" of sorts. 

Then I thought of my husband who has narcolepsy and thought I should do this for him .. and then I thought of my other daughter.  She and her husband have been trying to have a child for 4 years and I should do this for her.

Then the thought came through that I should put my own mask on first ... for how could I help anyone else when I was feeling badly?  So I thought I should do this for MY own issue ... that of eating cooked foods and how I use cooked foods as a drug and this keeps me from ever being truly happy because I'm always stressed from digestive disorders.

So, at about 15 minutes before, I laid down and noticed how I felt.  (Before that I was feeling guilty for wanting to be "well" and not using this opportunity for a loved one.)  I placed my hand on my heart and found that I began speaking to my stomach - apologizing for hurting it all these years and not loving it.  It relaxed.  Then I spoke to my esophagus and apologized to it.  Then my intestines and then to my whole digestive tract.  I was completely relaxed and open at 11:00, my appointed time.

Now, 50 minutes later, I am up ... my tract feels numb but thoughts and solutions for my daughter poured out of my head.  I feel relaxed about her, knowing that I do not feel the need to solve her problems, that she is perfectly capable ... I also "KNOW" now that as I maintain my RAW diet, I will have confidence, health, knowledge and ability to help the ones I love.

I checked out your website.  Good job.  I am humbled by your desire to do these things for people.  I want to help others also and have become active in a net-work marketing business (Xang0) that bottles Mangosteen Juice which has tons of Xanthones (anti-inflammatories) and other wonderful ingredients being used to treat cancers and other serious illnesses.  I now understand (again) that i can't help anyone until I put on my mask and get straight myself.  Your website alluded to this same thing.

Wendy Turner

Again, thank you for the healing.  I have noticed that since the healing I have an odd cough which I take to be a clearing.  I asked that I could lose some weight by eating more healthy.  I have only tried to do this 100 times in the past 7 years.  Ok, maybe not 100 times.  Anyway, so far it is working without me having to even think about it.  I also feel more in my body which seems to make me feel more powerful.

Debbie Clayton

The healing session this past weekend was awesome. The biggest change is I feel more grounded and settled. It's like I have a better sense of confidence too.

Pamela Harris

Thank you so much for the group healing last Saturday. I found it very helpful. My experience was: At first there was a lot of energy coming
into my body/aura and swirling around. This lasted for awhile and was very powerful. Then that faded and past events from my life began coming
through my memory and passing through. This did not have any particular emotional component -- it was just going by. Then I went into a sense of "holding steady" as if in an open, receptive, meditative state. This felt very peaceful, steady, and sure. I don't quite know the right word for it.

The issue I had chosen was in connection with feeling unsure of myself and feeling I have to try to "do it all myself"; rather than just letting go and having trust and faith that I can connect to and channel a higher power.

Anastasia Bain

As the healing was taking place, I felt engulfed by a mass of energy that drifted over me like a huge cumulus cloud. Then as I was focusing on my particular life issue, I became aware of where I was resisting and how this manifested itself in my body. As soon as the healing time was up, I gave into the urge to fall asleep. What a peaceful and sound sleep!

At the moment I am in the process of clearing my life of toxic people and energies that I have held on to for too long! I know that it will take some time, but I envision my good unfolding in divine order. I thank you and your team for such a lovely session.

Carol Jeanne Tietjen

Most interesting, how the healing  evolved and the results that are still coming through. I did feel flows of energy that felt cleansing and releasing of old beliefs and fears relating to expressing love and receiving expression of love. The issue I chose to work on was my shyness, awkwardness, hesitation and even fear about expressing love to my husband. I definitely feel my perceptions around these issues are shifting.
Mrs. X is a successful, well-known authority in holistic healthcare, who has suffered from debilitating migraines for over 40 years. Physically and emotionally violent, they make her completely bed ridden up to four days at a time, often occurring several times a month.

Lucia did not know what to expect when she was given a gift certificate for three phone sessions in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). But because her life was deeply dissatisfying, she welcomed any help.

Her initial concern was that she had no idea what she wanted from life. She hated where she lived and did not speak the language of the country properly. She was unemployed without friends, and felt like the relationship with her boyfriend was still going on because of an old habit. Overall, she felt powerless and hopeless. Her physical symptoms included severe pain in her left knee and buttock, making her unable to walk and leave home.

I first met Timo at a group class he had organized to introduce VortexHealing. I arrived feeling a bit angry about an unrelated incident, but left the class feeling very good indeed. I attended a few more group healing classes and then arranged a few private sessions with Timo. He is very gifted with "aha" moments and gently points out what I otherwise would not want to hear.

I was stunned when Timo explained on how he worked on shrinking a bubble that surrounded me. No one new that every morning I created a bubble for protection, nor did I know it actually worked. Timo said it kept me at arms length from others.

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